The Bay of Pigs/Cuban Missile Crisis
Updated: 4/30/2020
The Bay of Pigs/Cuban Missile Crisis

Storyboard Text

  • We have landed on the Southern Coast of Cuba with are missiles and are ready to attack!
  • We are getting ready to fight with Fidel Castro in order to overthrow the communist government! Would anyone care to join us in our plan of attack?
  • Everybody get down!
  • Take cover!
  • The United States-backed exiles landed on the Southern Coast of Cuba on April 17, 1961 with their U.S. weapons. They wanted to see if they could find any extra support so that they could win the battle against Fidel Castro.
  • NO! I am going to be imprisoned! My poor fellow soldiers, rest in peace.
  • Exiles intended to cross the island to Havana in order to find extra support from the local population. After they found some extra people to help them, they got ready to attack.
  • What were you thinking!
  • I understand your concerns and did the best I could in that situation.
  • We neededed more support!
  • Within the first hours of fighting, it was obvious that the exiles were likely to lose. President Kennedy had the option to use U.S. air force against the Cubans but decided not to.
  • We need to store our missiles here in order to be as close as possible to the U.S. We never know when they are going to attack but at least we are close enough to them to fight back.
  • The outcome of the attack resulted in 90 exiles killed and all other exiles imprisoned on April 19, 1961. Cuba had won the fight but Fidel Castro feared the extents of the U.S. and what they were capable of.
  • The failure of the invasion was extremely embarrassing for President Kennedy's administration. Critics blamed Kennedy for not giving their attempt at attacking adequate support and for allowing the outbreak to happen in the first place.
  • The Cuban Missile Crisis was the closet anyone had come to nuclear war. The Soviet Union was drastically behind in the arms race compared to the U.S. There missiles could not shoot nearly as far as the U.S.'s which meant that the Soviet Union was an easy target. In the end the U.S. and Soviet Union made a hotline and set rules as to where nuclear weapons could be stored and that using nuclear weapons would result in major consequences.
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