USS Constitution vs HMS Java
Updated: 2/12/2020
USS Constitution vs HMS Java

Storyboard Text

  • Captain, there is British Frigate to our Port side!!
  • December 29, 1812USS Constitution
  • FIRE BACK!!!
  • We got wounded
  • The USS Constitution makes contact with the British Frigate, the HMS Java with the HMS Java carrying the new Governor of Bombay. They also had 100 extra sailors to reinforce India
  • The USS Constitution then start battling at sea, with the HMS Java being slightly better armed with 46 cannons while the USS Constitution only had 44
  • WE'VE WON!!!
  • The USS Constitution fights, losing some men, and taking some damage
  • Your coming back with us!
  • On the HMS Java, the ship begins to take major damage, and the ship begins to take on water.
  • The HMS Java was too damaged to capture so it eventually sank to the bottom of the ocean, but they did capture some of the crew
  • The USS Constitution then sailed away victorious with minor damage and some prisoners.