Pearl Harbor

Updated: 5/22/2021
Pearl Harbor

Storyboard Text

  • We just Intercepted and decoded a secret message from the Japanese military. They are planning to take over the European pacific colonies. This would be very bad.
  • Yamamoto, The U.S. just froze your oil shipments, this is very bad for your conquest and attack plans. 
  • No, everyone will expect us to back down so we will launch a surprise attack on The U.S. Naval Base called Pearl Harbor. Nobody will see it coming and this will create a perfect advantage for us.
  • Help we are under attack!!! The generals knew this was coming because of the message but did not know when. This is terrible. We are going to die.
  • They have already sunk over ten ships and killed thousands of our men.
  • They have destroyed this military base in its whole. Killed 2,200 soldiers, sank 19 ships, and injured 1,100 more. This day will go down forever as one of the worst days in U.S. history
  • I think we say we stand for all of America when we say we are saddened and shocked to hear the devastating news of what has happened at Pearl Harbor.
  • I stand up here to announce that what happened this morning was a "date that will live in infamy", I want to ask you congress if you will join me in declaring an act of war on Japan