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Flightless Friends
Updated: 2/27/2019
Flightless Friends
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  • Every morning pengu the penguin goes for his morning swim, but the other birds make fun of him for not being able to fly.
  • Oh, good morning guys! I'm going to go on my morning swim right now.
  • Oh man! Not these guys again!
  • Of course you're going to go for a swim. It's not like you can fly!
  • Yeah! If I was your mom I would tell you that you are grounded!
  • He was made fun of until one day an unexpected friend arose out of the water.
  • Don't worry about it! I'm having trouble fitting in with the other dolphins as well. They keep calling me a killer, even though I'm a nice guy!
  • Man. I wish I could fly like all the other birds.
  • Pengu was shocked that somebody else understood him and also struggled with fitting in!
  • Yeah, but fitting in is hard sometimes. Especially when others make fun of you.
  • Its hard to fit in sometimes but it is always good to accept yourself and be yourself.
  • Another unexpected visitor entered the conversation.
  • It is also hard for me to fit in as well, since I have white fur and all the others have brown.
  • Wow! There is so many people who are struggling to fit in as well! We should go back to the others and tell them that we belong in their group even if we are different. 
  • The three animals went back to the other animals, and told them that they belong in their group, and they shouldn't be excluded. The animals ended up all hanging together.
  • Please let us hang out with you guys. After all, we're all still animals.
  • Sure guys! You can hang with us. Like pengu said, we're all animals.
  • Yeah! It's not fair if we are discriminated just because of our species.
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