scary story
Updated: 11/4/2020
scary story

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  • Mom ! Can we go to the creamery please ?
  • No's the morning. Maybe later.
  • PLEASE MOM !!! It's there.
  • Ok but just today.
  • Is I bringing you something ?
  • One morning... A liltle girl name Sara ask her mom if she can go to the creamery.
  • Mom !! I'm scared!!
  • Me too!!
  • Do not be afraid I will only eat you for supper
  • 2 hours later... Sara beg her mom for go to the creamery and Sara start to crying...Finaly the mom said yes.
  • GO AWAY SARA !!!
  • Come here !!
  • The waiter ask them for their order but Sara and her mom were very surprised...
  • Mom finaly I want some toast !
  • Come here girls i'm hungry.
  • They start to be scared and the monster tells them he's goin to eat them.
  • Sara and her mom run away but the monster does not agree and chases them.
  • Finaly Sara and her mothermanage to escape and she will never go back there.