W+ S Tea Shop Shutdown
Updated: 9/10/2020
W+ S Tea Shop Shutdown

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, my name is William and this is my wife, Sarah. It is 1772 and I own a tea shop here in the colony of Massachusetts. We sell teas from all over the world at great prices for the whole town.
  • W + STea Shop
  • Why is Great Britain helping the East India Company?! WHAT ABOUT MY COMPANY?!
  • Oh my! That is not fair!
  • By order of the British Parliament, there is a higher tax on tea and you can only get your tea from the East India Company.
  • The Tea Act of 1773
  • Meanwhile at the British Parliament...
  • With this Tea Act we can get our money back from the French and Indian War.
  • Thank you Parliament for saving my East India Company.
  • This will stop other countries from making money with tea in our American colonies.
  • All our money is gone and Parliament keeps making new laws and taxes.
  • The W+S Tea Shop is out of business. I could not afford tea from other countries and everyone only sells that horrible East India Company Tea so we had to shut down.
  • BostonDecember 16, 1773
  • Parliament is not going to like this.
  • East India Company Tea
  • East India Company Tea
  • The colonists won't let us drop of the East India Company Tea!
  • Take your tea back to Great Britain!
  • This is great! We are letting the East India Company know that their monopoly will be over soon!
  • East India Company Tea
  • East India Company Tea