Climate change disaster
Updated: 2/16/2021
Climate change disaster

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  • Well it all started when .......
  • It's a long story...
  • I got time to listen.
  • Woah!Woah! Ma'am what's going on?
  • For example the way that dinosaurs came to be extinct. When volcanoes exploded all around the world they released ash, gasses, and toxic elements, Which poisoned their food and the dinosaurs themselves. Then the sulfur would cause cooling climate and acid rain that would fill oceans and destroy plant life. Then the release of carbon dioxide and methane would raise conditions and oceans would acidify and ocean food source would disappear and so would the animals that benefited from them. With no food left and acidic atmospheres, there was no way dinosaurs could survive
  • Sorry honey I know it breaks all superstition but I forgot to ask you, You believe in climate change right?
  • Um well based on all the theories that I have heard of.... no not really.
  • Are you crazy! Okay fine let me try to persuade you. Sheesh!
  • Since it seems like you don't know what climate is let me tell you. Climate Is the typical or general weather a certain area faces,
  • They way some Geologist figure out the past climates is by looking at ice cores. The compressed layers of snow reveal the amount of carbon and ash levels. From there we can create an image of the atmosphere or of any natural disasters that happened.