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A girl
Updated: 5/7/2018
A girl
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  • One time there was a kid, and she name is Ella, and she have a dog, dog name is Ellan, and she "best" friend came to her house and play with her.
  • But one day after school, on the bus and Ella said "my dad buy a toy for me see." "can I have on because you ten of it." she friend said," but I don't want to give it to you because they are so cute for me and fun." ella said.
  • But the next day of school, Ella friend got a bigger one of the toy, and Ella tap her friend and said, "can I have one because I never have a bigger one." "NO! because last time I was ask you can I have one but you didn't give to so I don't want to give it to you and I don't want to trade with you." Ella friend said.
  • At lunch Ella walk to her friend to tap her and said, "can I have a candy?" "NO! you never give me candy when I'm didn't give your a toy, and always I want to ask you for a food for it you always give a smallest one, and if I have one and I was give you a smallest one you said why I have a biggest one give me more
  • One time Ella was hack her friend game and use her characters(in game) to talk some thing is mean to the friend in her friend account. And she friend saw what Ella do to her account, and she was mad.
  • At music Ella friend was said to Ella, "you not my friend any more, because I sae you use my account in game and make someone to kick me out." Ella said, "ok who care, no one was want to be your friend." "Also I have chip and cake in my back pack" Ella friend said.
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