"Thank you M'am" By Langston Hughes Plot
Updated: 10/25/2020
"Thank you M'am" By Langston Hughes Plot

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  • "Thank You, M'am"By: Langston HughesBella Sottaeva
  • Exposition: An old big lady was walking down the street at 11 in the evening when a kid ran up to her and grabbed her bag. With one pull the bag's strap broke
  • Inciting Incident: A Young boy ran up from behind and grabbed her bag. With one tug the strap broke off. The boy ended up trpping and falling to the ground giving
  • Rising Action: The big old lady introduces herself as Mrs. Luella Bates Washington Jones. A she drags the boy towards her house she tells him to wash his face. When they enter her home, she drags him to the sink and tells him to wash up and comb his hair. The boy also said his name was Roger
  • Climax: Mrs. Jones tells the boy that she also made the same mistakes. As she calls him for dinner he has the oppertunity to quickly grab the bag, and run out. But he decides to stay.
  • Falling Action: Roger sits down as Mrs. Jones cuts a ten cent cake and brews some beverages. She then asks why Roger wanted to steal her bag, to which he answered he wants blue suede shoes.To his surprise she tells him he could have just asked her.
  • Resolution: As Roger walks out of the house he receives a ten dollar bill to buy the shoes he wanted. Mrs. Jones reminded him to never to steal agin
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