Hernando de soto

Updated: 9/7/2021
Hernando de soto

Storyboard Text

  • Honey, when we have a baby can we name him hernando. He was born in 1500 into a kinda wealthy family.
  • Spain is so boring when I grow up i'm gonna explore the world. He had to find a country to support him with the materials and warriors.
  • This is my chance to show spain who I am. They took a voyage and thought they ended up in china but yet it was the new world.
  • There has to be gold somewhere. They would saveagly search through the chiefdoms. There was low or no gold in this part of the new world.
  • We don't deserve this we were here first. The new world was nearly destroyed from the raids and burnt down.
  • Where's this gold then. The Spanish were on a search for gold.
  • Don't do it please. Indians had no gold but were still killed in chiefdoms.