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Medieval Storyboard
Updated: 10/8/2020
Medieval Storyboard
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  • Harriet, who has just woke up to find a large boil on her face.
  • I am in a lot of Pain, I need some treatment.
  • Of to the barber surgeon!
  • Well I could Just cut it off with a scalpel and let you bleed out?
  • Is there something you can do to treat my boil?
  • She didn't know how to treat her boil, as someone had a suggestion.
  • I am sorry you are upset, but why don't you go to the physician?
  • This is her journey to get this painful boil treated in medieval times. Harriet was just sleeping as she woke with a boil on her face, she is very worried.
  • Physician!
  • Diagnosis please.
  • Ok, I am going to examine the four humours then have a sample of your urine.
  • I went over to the barber sugeon who was recomended by a freind, and he was so unproffesional. He offered to cut my boil off with a sharp knife, NO THANKS.
  • Apothecary!
  • I can't help, off to the barber surgeon you go.
  • But I don't want to go, what if it goes wrong.
  • Harriet has now decided to go to the physician to get a more serious diagnosis because she is scared of something going wrong at the barber surgeon.
  • Back to the barber surgeon!
  • Oh know, she has died. Although everyone thinks I am brutal I do try to imply common sense and I feel awful at a death on my hands.
  • Harriet, thought about her other options and how much pain she was in and decided to let the physician set a diagnosis. The physician diagnosed an infected boil, which to Harriet's view she already knew. He recommended her to an apothecary. So off she went.
  • The apothecary said that she couldn't heal her and she could only give her a remedy for the pain and that if she wanted it removed she would have to go to the barber surgeon. Harriet set off to the surgeon.
  • Harriet realised that in order to get better she must go to the barber surgeon. She had high hope and expected it to be over in a moment, but that was not the case. Sadly Harriet passed away, like many others.
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