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Updated: 2/15/2020
Story board 1
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  • Although nearly all the fighting took place in northern China, Japan had important
  • In 1894 China and Japan went to war. In a few short months the Japanese defeated China's Beiyang fleet
  • The Chinese armies in Manchuria, and captured Port Arthur and Weihaiwei
  • ambitions in southern China. As the war approached its end,
  • Japan Force Qing to pay 238 of silver for Reparation 238 is equal to =221100.97 Pesos And started Sino Japanese war
  • China Surrenders Taiwan cause of its huge defeat on japan's invasion
  • Japan created strict rules for Taiwan
  • Japan let them practice there culture.
  • Japan promise that they would help them as long as they follow them
  • Japan created schools Taiwan
  • Japan created a new education systhem
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