part 4
Updated: 6/8/2021
part 4

Storyboard Text

  • Falling Action 6
  • Mom? Dad?
  • Falling Action 7
  • Wait! I think I hear them calling..
  • Really?!
  • I must go search for them!
  • Falling Action 8
  • We searched for them every where!!
  • Wait! I hear someone coming..
  • Hide!!
  • The Twins went back home, and they tried to search for their mom and dad.
  • Falling Action 9
  • I think I hear someone..
  • The Mom and The Dad were so mournful and worried, but the dad thought they heard them calling so they wanted to see what was going on.
  • Resolution
  • Where were you guys??
  • !!
  • The Twins were searching for them but then they gave up but suddenly the brother heard someone coming.
  • Resolution
  • so what happened??
  • oo.. nice!
  • The parents thought they heard someone but unfortunately, there was no one.
  • Yeah.. me too
  • The Twins got out of their hiding spot and found their mom and dad and they were so happy.
  • Mom!
  • We got worried about you!!
  • Dad!
  • The Twins told their parents about everything that happened, and they lived happily ever after.
  • When you guys left, a mysterious door appeared and then we got in and saw 2 creatures but they were kind and it was so fun!