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  • Reactor four is having a meltdown!
  • 4-26-86
  • Oh... oh dear god.
  • The man who kinda caused it
  • Hello, My name is Anatoly Stepanovich Dyatlov, I somewhat caused the accident.
  • The effect on the area and the people
  • The explosion caused a large area to be contaminated with rads. The whole area was evacuated.
  • On April 4, 1986, in Ukraine, there was a town called Chernobyl there was a massive accident that killed initially around 100 people is still harming the area to this day.
  • The Boom
  • Anatoly was the man who accidentally caused the disaster but there were multiple reasons why the disaster would happen, such as poor staff training and the plant was badly designed.
  • The USSR´s Reaction
  • We are in trouble now.
  • The city of Chernobyl was evacuated along with the surrounding area because radiation is extremely dangerous. The area is ruined for at least 20,000 years. The radiation spread over a massive area.
  • Conclusion
  • The first couple of hours from the accident were extremely destructive for the insides of the plant and the people inside.  The explosion lifted a several ton roof off the reactor core. The explosion happened around one in the morning.
  • The Red Menace tried to hide the accident but the radiation spread was noticed in Europe so they had come clean to the world. The USSR was still cleaning up the mess that happened at Chernobyl but after a day or two, they created the exclusion zone.
  • Chernobyl will take time to heal (20,000 yrs) but we should ensure that another disaster like Chernobyl doesn´t happen again but it wasn´t too horrible it helped bring down The Red Menace.
  • Danger
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