Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Echo and Narcissus
  • Exposition
  • rising action
  • Hera punished Echo because Zeus and Echo we idle talking by making it so that Echo can only talk by repeating when others say.
  • Turning point
  • Faling Action
  • Echo falls in love with Narcissus, a popular nymph. Echo follows him when he was trying to look for water, dying of thirst. Echo tells him that she loves him, but gets shunned.
  • resolution
  • When Narcissus found water and stopped to take a drink he stopped to look at the water before taking a drink and fell in love.
  • Narcissus started talking to his reflection and couldn't stop himself.
  • Because he was so distracted he forgot about taking a drink of water and died and turned into a flower.