French and Indian war
Updated: 2/19/2021
French and Indian war

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  • Causes of the French and Indian war
  • NO! This is OUR land! We were here first!
  • But we WANT IT!
  • Causes of the French and Indian war
  • Events during the war
  • Fighting over the Ohio river valley territory broke out between France and England. France thought they had rightful claim over the territory because they had been there first.
  • Events during the war
  • The French build fort Duquesne near present day Pittsburgh. Led by George Washington, the Virginia militia tried to tell the french to abandon the fort. There were not enough soldiers to overtake it. Washington returned a year later and built a fort named fort Necessity. This fort was easily taken over by the french, and the king of England declared war.
  • Positive consequences for the British and colonists
  • We got so much la-and! Doin' the happy da-ance!
  • Britain developed better fighting tactics to suit frontier warfare. The implementation of these tactics coincided with an outbreak of smallpox among the french's native allies.
  • Negative consequences of the war
  • The British captured many forts and eventually, in present day Canada, Quebec fell. By 1760 England controlled all of the land that had been considered New France.
  • When the French surrendered, the British were given all of the land between the Atlantic Ocean and the Mississippi River.
  • Colonists were now being horribly taxed to accommodate for the costs of war. British soldiers kept an eye on colonists at all times. Colonists were not allowed to live west of the Appalachian mountains.
  • Too bad.