Industrial and Consumer products
Updated: 4/2/2020
Industrial and Consumer products
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  • Hello kate glad that your here from school. I bet you have a lot to share with your grandma on what you've learnt today, I'll let you get to it.
  • Greeting Doctor. I am glad that I'm here also I have so much to talk about I can't wait to tell her what I've learnt today at school, thanks for looking after her Doc. I really appreciate it.
  • Lol grandma I know your awake. Sit up let me tell you how my day was today.
  • Industrial products are items that are purchased for further processing or for the use in conducting a business while Consumer products are goods services for personal consumption.We also learnt some more on the topic, I continue grandma.
  • Ok sweetheart tell grandma what you learnt at school today.
  • Tell me more...
  • Grandma today at school I learnt about Industrial and Consumer product
  • 1.Materials-include raw materials and manufactured materials and parts. 2.Capital items-are industrial products that aid in the buyer’s production or operations. 3.Supplies and services-supplies include operating supplies (paper, pens, etc.) and maintenance and repair items (ladders, paint,).
  • Baby tell me more
  • There are also three groups of each.Three groups of Industrial products are:
  • So tell me about the three groups of consumer products
  • Convenience products-are goods and services that the customer usually buys frequently, immediately, and with a minimum comparison and buying effort. Shopping products-are goods and services that the customer compares carefully on suitability, quality, price, and style before buying. Specialty products-are goods and services with unique characteristics or brand identification for which a significant group of buyers is willing to make a special purchase effort.
  • Examples of Consumer groups:1.Convenience= newspapers,fast foodand candy2.Shopping products=Appliances,Carand furniture3.Speciality products=Medical services,designer clothes and high end electronics
  • Unsought products-are goods and services that the consumer does not know about or knows about but does not normally think of buying.Grandma I'm gonna give you some examples of each.
  • 4.Unsought products=Funeral service,blood donation and life insurance
  • Examples of Industrial groups:1.Capital items=IT systems, buildings infrastructure
  • .2.Supplies and services=security maintenance, energy3.Material & parts=Farm & Natural productsThat's it for the day grandma thanks for listening
  • No problem darling
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