Unknown Story

Updated: 9/13/2021
Unknown Story

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  • One day Homer goes in a hot air balloon to go look for his brother, Harold who is is a soldier in the Civil War. Soon after looking for Harold his hot air balloon starts to leak but makes a soft landing, then he sees his brother crying in a cage!
  • Homer asked a man had seen his brother the man said "He is probably over there" and pointed to the cage, Homer ran to Harold. Homer was very shocked he suggested that Harold could go to jail and Homer would save him Harold didn't wanna do that.
  • Soon after the commander let out all the prisoners out to fight, Harold told Homer to stay under the wagon and to stay safe he did not listen. Homer followed Harold and the others out to the battlefield.
  • Harold sees the the flag about to fall he drops his gun and catches the flag before it touches the ground and runs.
  • Homer takes the gun and aims at the man holding the flag. Homer accidently shoot \s the rock, a piece of the rock hits Harold legs.
  • all of the Alabama soldiers surrender Harold and Homer get to go home.