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Romeo and Juliet Act 1
Updated: 11/12/2019
Romeo and Juliet Act 1
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  • Two noble houses in Verona continue to hold ancient grudges against each other causing a bloody and violent conflict. Death of the two lovers from the different families end up mending the constant feud.
  • Calm down! I only want peace, Tybalt. I don't want to hurt you.
  • I hate peace as much as I hate the Montague family!
  • Go to the party! You'll meet new beautiful girls and feel better in no time!
  • It'll just remind me of how beautiful she is! I'll only go because she's going too....
  • Prologue
  • Paris is going to the party. He has an interest in becoming your husband.
  • Okay, I'll keep an open mind.
  • Benvolio and Tybalt encounter each other and draw swords.The prince finds out and issues death for anyone who disturbs peace.Benvolio looks for Romeo and finds out Romeo in love with Rosaline but she doesn't love him back. He tries to teach him to forget about her.
  • Dreams are just fantasies!
  • Don't be sad Romeo!
  • Fine...
  • Paris walks with Capulet and talks about his desire to marry Juliet. Capulet claims she's too young and he has to wait two years. He hosts a party and tells Peter to hand out invitations. He can't read so he asks Romeo help him/ Then. he invites him to the party without knowing he is a Montague.
  • It's improper to hold your hands! I am sinning.
  • I love the sin we're committing,
  • Juliet, Lady Capulet, and the Nurse discuss the possibility of marriage. Lady Capulet tells Juliet lots of girls her age are already mothers. Juliet tells her she is open to the idea of marriage. The party begins.
  • Romeo, Mercutio, and Benvolio arrive at the party. Romeo tells his friends he's too sad to dance. He had a dream which gave him a bad feeling about the party. Mercutio tells a tale about Queen Mab and how dreams are just fantasy. Romeo has a strange feeling but accepts fate.
  • Capulet introduces everyone to his party. Tybalt spots Romeo and threatens to hurt him, but Capulet tells him to refrain. Romeo and Juliet see each other and kiss. When the party ends, they find out they are from the rival families; Montague and Capulet.
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