If you need a hand

Updated: 1/9/2021
If you need a hand

Storyboard Description


Storyboard Text

  • I've come to a decision. We'll use me for an example.
  • We're going to support this plan for the printer full-power, but we need more awareness, more of everything. No one here is fully clear on the limits of what the printer can do... I have a friend, and he has a truly pure need for it... we need this to happen. Not just for him, but for all the others like him. This town needs more. .....................................................
  • The school is planning to get this 3D printer anyway, isn't that a want?
  • We need some sort of topic.
  • Got any inspiration?
  • *gasp* Done.
  • We have our 'want'- the printer. All we need is a 'need', and we're done.
  • One month later
  • WE should be more specific... like your prosthetic.
  • I don't get it- why won't you ever acknowledge yourself?!
  • It isn't an need if I already have it. Focus on the ones that truly need something.
  • ...
  • The others. We have a need.
  • I see you've come around...
  • We need more awareness. We need to keep this thing going.
  • ...
  • Then I know I won't regret this.
  • I suppose you were right. I'd be changing my own views to suit my mood. But if things can really improve...
  • ...
  • Thanks to multiple donor and the help of determined students, Riverrock Junior High can now fully move into the "Tech Era."