Kayla John
Updated: 5/26/2020
Kayla John

Storyboard Text

  • Philip's mother says that there is war and they need to go back to the US.
  • The ship they are on, to go back home, blows up
  • A Indian saves him, and a cat.
  • He loses his eyesight, but lands on an island or the cay.
  • The Indian man or Timothy helps navigate around the island with no sight. Why? Timothy dies and he is left alone with Stew cat, the cat is his only company.
  • A the plane came over twice once seeing his smoke, but it left. Later a boat came and saved him. With some surgeries he regained his eyesight and his mother and father visited him. He now talks to the old black men, who some knew Timothy. He plans to go back to the cay when he is older.