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Updated: 3/11/2021
Unknown Story

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  • The 100 year war was between France and England which lasted from 1333 to 1453 was a war that dictated who would rule France. Both o sides were surrounded by enemies because both sides allied themselves with places that were on other sides of their enemies.
  • The crusades likely influenced the end of feudalism because churches rose in power while fighting their enemy’s because they were the ones fighting.
  • Kings and other monarchs started pushing more and more taxes on the peasants and workers which made them angers and start to revolt. Therefore the manga carat was made, to limit the powers of the king.
  • 3-5 reasons why/how feudalism declined is because of the crusades where the churches took war into their own hands which is usually why’s that kings would do. Another reason was during the peasant revolts, it was not really known who was truly in charge. Finally there was peasants that demanded higher wages which wasn’t really aloud in feudalism.
  • The Black Death likely helped end feudalism because peasants were becoming less abundant so they demanded better wages, which gave them power, breaking the hierarchy.
  • The peasant revolts were attacks against the taxes that were forced on them to fund mostly war efforts. At one point there over three large taxes! Peasants also demanded hire wages because of the lack of of workers.