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Anatomy ting
Updated: 8/24/2020
Anatomy ting
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  • At this point, receptors are sending afferent signals to the control center (brain) that inform it of their rising body temperature.
  • It sure is hot today!
  • Yeah, I can really feel the heat right now.
  • Now the control center has sent efferent signals to the effector (capillaries) causing them to dilate and increase the blood flow to the skin.
  • Really? It must be because of the heat.
  • Your face looks a little red.
  • Now the control center has sent efferent signals to the effector (sweat glands), causing them to secrete sweat to cool the body.
  • I'm starting to sweat, we should head inside.
  • Sounds good.
  • Now that he has cooled down, his sweat glands have stopped secreting sweat, and his capillaries have began contracting to ease bloodflow to the skin.
  • I've stopped sweating now, i'm starting to cool off.
  • That makes sense, it's pretty cool in here.
  • As his body temperature lowers from the evaporation of sweat, and from the decreased bloodflow to his skin, his skin begins to appear pale.
  • Yeah, it's probably because i'm cooling down.
  • You look a little pale.
  • Finally, his body temperature returns to normal, and homeostasis is maintained. This is an example of a negative feedback loop.
  • I feel fine now!
  • That's great!
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