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Sun Cancer
Updated: 4/30/2020
Sun Cancer
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  • Isn't it so warm in here Ammy? But the only problem is, I might get skin cancer because of it.
  • Skin cancer isn't cause by the sun warmth, but the UV rays it ejects. By the way I would be more prone to sunburns or skin cancer
  • How is that?
  • The more pale you are, the more chance you have of being effected by UV rays. Did you know that UV rays differ depending on time of the day and year, altitude, latitude, weather condition, enviornment-reflection, and ozone!
  • wow,! I heard that there are 3 common three types of skin cancers. What are they?
  • You are right. They are: Basal cell carmonia, squamous cell carcinoma, and melanoma. Basal cell carcinoma looks like a little pink or flesh colored bump. Lucky for us, it isn't fatal, and grows very slowly. sometimes, if it grows, then you need a surgery to remove it.
  • where do they form?
  • They form in areas of body that are exposed to the sun frequently, such as your face and neck. And the symptoms starts to appear around age 40.
  • what about squamous cell carcinoma?
  • It looks like a flat red spot, which becomes dry and scaly. If not noticed, it can spread to organs in our body and become fatal.
  • And where does that form?
  • Same like basal cell carcinoma, it form in areas that are heavily exposed to soon. and it too starts to appear around the age 40
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