"Night" Chapter Seven Story Board
Updated: 12/10/2020
"Night" Chapter Seven Story Board

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  • As night took over, the 100 men shoved into the cattle cars huddled together, struggling to stay alive.
  • "Suddenly, the evidence overwhelmed me: there was no longer any reason to live, any reason to fight." Pg. 99
  • "The living were glad. They would have more room. Volunteers began the task." Pg. 99
  • Throw out all the dead!
  • My chance to steal his valuables!
  • 20 Corpses were thrown out.
  • "Father! Father! Wake up. They're going to throw you outside..." Pg. 99
  • "We received no food. We lived on snow; it took the place of bread." Pg. 100
  • Here father, we must eat this snow. It will keep us hydrated. It'll have to do for now.
  • As they passed a German town, civilians threw bread into the wagon, causing a battle for it amongst the starving prisoners.
  • Give me the bread!!
  • "Meir, my little Meir! Don't you recognize me... You're killing your father... I have bread... for you too... for you too..." Pg. 101
  • Meir Katz, a friend of Eliezer's father, began to lose hope and wished to surrender to death.
  • "Don't give in! You must resist! Don't lose faith in yourself!" Pg. 102
  • I can't go on Shlomo, I am weak, my strength and health are deteriorating.
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