Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • After the creature fled into the snow storm, about 1 mile of travel he stopped to rest. While resting, the creature was thinking about his next move. The creature thought about wanting to be accepted by someone.
  • It was already obvious that humans will not accept him for who he is, so the answer was plain to see.
  • The creature will now live alongside the forest animals. His mind was made up.
  • He traveled non-stop some 500 miles south to the Amazon where hundreds of animals lived together in unity. He wondered about for about 2 days to find an animal family that he would fit in with perfectly.
  • Alast, the creature found a group of gorillas to be among. The creature and the gorillas had much in common; they were big, strong, and very loving to each other.
  • The creature finally felt accepted, this will now be his new home. Once again the creature felt at peace with nature.