EAC "Creating Our Government" Storyboard
Updated: 3/25/2020
EAC "Creating Our Government" Storyboard

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  • Yorktown
  • At Yorktown, British general Cornwallis surrendered after the Patriots and the French siezed the peninsula. This was one of the last major moments in the fight for freedom.
  • The Articles of Confederation
  • The Articles of Confederation were put into place in November 1777 to form a new central government where the states kept most power. The Articles gave Congress the power to conduct foreign affairs, maintain armed forces, and borrow and issue money; however, Congress couldn't regulate trade, force citizens to join the army, or impose taxes.
  • Shays' Rebellion
  • American farmers couldn't pay their taxes, so they fell into debt, but they couldn't pay their debts. State officials seized the farmers' lands and even put many farmers in jail. Daniel Shays along with about 1200 supporters went to raid the weapons storehouse, and take ammunition. Militia soldiers were forced to shoot at the farmers, killing 4.
  • The Constitutional Convention was originally called by Alexander Hamilton to amend the Articles of Confederation, but the representatives decided that they needed to write a new Constitution. Delegates wrote the new Constitution inside a building in Philadelphia on one of the hottest summers on record, many people passed out during the convention due to a heat stroke. The new Constitution was based off of the Virginia Plan, which gave larger states more representatives than smaller states.
  • The Constitutional Convention
  • Principles of the Constitution
  • Three Branches of Government