war of 1812 storyborad

Updated: 5/15/2020
war of 1812 storyborad

Storyboard Text

  • war of 1812
  • cause of the war
  • war in the east
  • the war of 1812 however , would determine once and for all the role that great britain would play in the future.
  • war in the west
  • the british and the umited states had an argument and the wr started
  • war in the south
  • the british burned down the capitol bulding, the white house, and someother buldings
  • effects of the war
  • nine british vessels battled six vessels of the united states
  • on january 8, 1815, the final battle of the war of 1812 took place
  • the largest impact the war had on the united stats was the boost it gave the country's manufractering prodution