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Updated: 9/24/2020
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  • Archduke Ferdinand Assassination (June 28, 1914)
  • Here lies... Franz Ferdinand.
  • WW1 begins (August, 1914)
  • "Okay, so we will go through Belgium to get to France, put a X on Belgium, X marks the spot."
  • Lusitana Sinks (May 7th,1915)
  • .
  • On the 28th of June in 1914 the Archduke of Austria-Hungary was assassinated by a Serbian nationalist.
  • Battle of Somme
  • Have not lost yet!
  • Germany invaded Belgium which was a neutral territory, and strategic way to France.
  • Zimmerman Telegram
  • "Join us Mexico, we the Central Powers attack the U.S , and in return you get back lost land from America."
  • ...ZzzzzzZ.. (never got the call)
  • German submarines or U-boats sank british liner Lusitana, 128 Americans where killed.
  • End of WW1(November 11, 1918)
  • Allied PowersGreat BritainU.S.AFranceRussiaItalyJapanRomania
  • Central PowersGermanyBulgariaAustria-HungaryOttoman Empire(Turkey)
  • Known as the "most important battle of ww1" some say since this battle was such a great victory for the Allied powers since the battle helped gain the U.S in joining the war. From July to November 1916.
  • Victory
  • .
  • .
  • Central Powers
  • Great Britain's intelligence cryptography team gave Wilson/ U.S a telegram from Germany to give Mexico stating that Mexico should attack the U.S and join the Central powers. This shocked many Americans into deciding to join ww1.
  • This is the last straw!
  • On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of the year, an armistice was signed between Germany and the Allied powers. The armistice of 1918 ended the hostilities between Allies and Germany.
  • Armistice of 1918 Proposal to end this war that will end all wars.
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