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Updated: 5/8/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Follow me I'll take you to Oregon.
  • Let go
  • we're almost there
  • Lets head west!
  • This is gods plan
  • Mountain Men in Oregon Country The mountain men were adventurous fur trappers who used their survival skills to live off the land and explore the Oregon territory. They contributed to American westward expansion by establishing forts and trails and by leading settlers across the mountain trail to Oregon
  • This is our land!!
  • The Oregon Trail Pioneers set out from independence, MO, following the Oregon Trail west, and faced rough terrain, disease, and even death! This trail allowed thousands of people to move westward and settle lands that would eventually became part of the U.S.
  • This would be a great place to built Salt Lake City
  • Manifest DestinyAmericans believed their government and culture were superior to others, and that it was their god-given destiny to spread across North America. The idea of Manifest Destiny justified and inspired Americans in their expansion westward.
  • Hurry up we dont have all day
  • Mexican-American War The American annexation of Texas upset Mexico who still wanted control over the territory. So America fought a 20 month war to gain more land in the west. At the end of the war, the U.S. expanded the boundaries westward by gaining California, New Mexico, and Arizona.
  • Mormons in UtahMormons experienced a lot of persecution for their beliefs while living in the east so they decided to seek refuge in a new settlement in Utah. Thousands of Mormon men, women, and children built a settlement in Utah that attracted many other Americans.
  • California Gold RushGold was discovered in California in 1848 which sparked a rush of people from all around the world to travel to California to make their fortune. Even though few people got rich,thousands of people settled in California and helped the territory became a state in 1850.