Think about banging
Updated: 1/24/2020
Think about banging
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  • What's your idea of fun?
  • State the situation
  • Hey girl, I was thinking you, me. some fun. Whaddya say?
  • List options
  • Oh um I dunno if I want to
  • Oh you know, we've been dating for a week. So I think it's time to do the deed
  • weigh possible outcomes/ religious
  • Oh come on, me and my old girlfriends would do it this soon
  • Kevin decided he wanted to take things with kim a little farther tonight. They've been dating for a week and he felt it was time to get down and dirty.
  • make the decision
  • Wait!
  • Kim didn't know how she felt about this, It seemed kinda sudden and she didn't feel totally ready she thought that she could either go with what Kevin wanted or try and convince him otherwise.
  • kim come back ;(
  • Kevin
  • Kevin started resorting to peer pressure and guilt tripping. Kim felt really weird and uncomfortable about this. She was thinking about how it would affect her mentally and that she could end up pregnant if they weren't careful, her family was religous and she didn't want to do anything before marriage
  • reflect
  • Kim decided she wasn't going to put up with him peer pressuring her like this. She knew what kind of treatment she deserved and it wasn't this. So she decided to leave
  • Kevin was blowing up kim's phone telling her she was over reacting and making her feel bad for her decisions
  • it's not a big deal
  • you're being over dramatic
  • Kim found comfort in not giving in to Kevin's needs and sticking with what she wanted. She didn't need someone who treated her like that
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