Decision Making
Updated: 1/24/2020
Decision Making
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  • State the Situation
  • Do I want to be responsible or do i want to feel buzzed and happy??
  • List Options
  • Come on dude just have a nice drink its no big deal
  • Weigh the Possible Outcomes
  • Why are you drinking under age and at school!!!!!
  • Theme: school; They're two homies however one of them has a bottle with spike(tequila) watermelon juice. The friend with the bottle asked his friend if he wanted some .
  • Consider religious Values
  • Do I really believe drink is that right thing to do at school and at underage???
  • A. I say no and my friend that is understanding will know why i said no, one because we are at school and two we are minor and can't drink. Finally if we get caught we are going to get in huge trouble B. I have a drink its Friday so if i get hungover i don't need to worry about coming to school the next day and i would have a good day.
  • Make a Decision
  • Nah bro i think I'll pass for today maybe some other time.
  • A: I can get caught and sent to the principle and have a big talk about why i am drinking at school and they school called my parents and i get in trouble and never be able to hangout with my friends.B: I don't drink anything and not get caught and not get in trouble and by able to hangout with my friends to be able to have a good time later
  • Evaluate and Relfect
  • A: I have a great time and not feel guilty about drinking. Enjoy the drink and be able to have a little bit of fun while being buzzed \B. Not drink the juice for one because its not right and I'm not supposed to second if my parents found out i would be dead.
  • I choose not to drink for one because it not the right thing to do. Second it can be very risky especially since we are at school and alcohol is a very strong smell.
  • I'm so glad i didn't drink my parents check my breath because they were curious if I've been doing anything bad. Thankful i choose the right decision not to drink for many reason
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