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Act 3 SCene 1 Macbeth
Updated: 9/28/2020
Act 3 SCene 1 Macbeth
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  • Macbeth Act 3 Scene 1 Act III, scene i, lines 1-73 - page 245
  • Thou hast it now—King, Cawdor, Glamis, allAs the Weïrd Women promised, and I fearThou played’st most foully for ’t. Yet it was saidIt should not stand in thy posterity,But that myself should be the root and fatherOf many kings. If there come truth from them(As upon thee, Macbeth, their speeches shine),Why, by the verities on thee made good,May they not be my oracles as well,And set me up in hope? But hush, no more.
  • Banquo come over to dinner!
  • By: Chantal Ramirez
  • I cannot let Banquo become king! i shall hire someone to murder someone
  • Banquo suspects that Macbeth murdered the king but remembers the prophecy the witches foretold.
  • If you two are real "men: you wll kill Banquo
  • Banquo is invited by the Macbeths to attend dinner
  • I am one, my liege,Whom the vile blows and buffets of the worldHave so incensed that I am reckless whatI do to spite the world.
  • Macbeth remembers the prophecy of Banquos heirs inheriting the throne and hires two murders to kill Banquo
  • The "murders " agree to kill Banquo because Macbeth questions there "manhood"
  • Figurative language : Personification because the world would not "kick him around "
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