Causes of WWII
Updated: 3/13/2020
Causes of WWII

Storyboard Text

  • Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland
  • Heil Hitler
  • More soldiers
  • Germany annexes the Sudetenland
  • At this rate we will have all of czechoslovakia
  • The Munich Conference
  • appeasement
  • After a while Hitler remilitarized the Rhineland which was suppose to be a DMZ.
  • The League of Nations put sanction on Germany
  • Hitler annexes the Sudetenland which was the outskirts of Czechoslovakia.
  • Germany takes complete control of Czechoslovakia
  • Britain and France choose appeasement to Germany's demands.
  • Germany invades Poland
  • After doing bad stuff The League of Nations puts sanctions that don't work at all on Germany.
  • After saying that Hitler wouldn't take over all of Czechoslovakia he takes it all over.
  • Man we totally suckerd The League of Nations
  • On September 1st 1939 Hitler invades Poland.
  • Get ready for Auschwitz Poland