The Tale of Remus and Romulus
Updated: 4/20/2020
The Tale of Remus and Romulus
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  • No.. please, not Rhea...
  • Hah, I am King now. Oh, and, say goodbye to your daughter. She'll be going on a loooong trip.
  • Romulus... and Remus.
  • They are... wonderful!
  • Long, long ago, in a kingdom once known as Alma Longa, the present and wise King Numitor was forced to give up his throne to his younger brother, Prince Amulius. To make sure his reign was assured, the prince ordered the King's daughter, Rhea Silvia, to be banished, in an act to make certain that she had no offspring.
  • Sent far from the kingdom, Rhea ended up at the Temple of Mars, where they thought she could never bare children. However Mars, the Roman god of War, married Rhea and soon after, she gave birth to twin boys, Romulus and Remus; two claimants for the throne of Alma Longa.
  • The throne is yours, Grandfather.
  • Thank you.
  • This is where the myth likes to divert, for some claim that Rhea's uncle figured out, and ordered for the twins' death. Others claim that the boys were abandoned by Rhea and Mars. However. no matter which way you like to look at it, Romulus and Remus were sent downstream. in hopes that they might either drown or be sent far, far away
  • I am sorry, brother, but this city is mine to lead... And it shall thenceforth be called Rome.
  • After wailing on the bank of the river, the twins were found by a she-wolf, who took care of them until they were taken in by a shepherd who lived nearby.
  • When the twins have grown up, they were told about who they were, and the history of their kingdom. Knowing the whole story, they set off to Alma Longa, where they killed Amulius, and restored their grandfather back to the throne.
  • Alma Longa back to peace, after long last, Romulus and Remus decided to found a city, where they were saved by the she-wolf. They threw themselves into a petty quarrel, however, in which Remus was slain by his brother. Romulus then went on to rule the town, and it was named Rome, after him.
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