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Causes of World War Two
Updated: 3/12/2020
Causes of World War Two
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  • Treaty of Versailles
  • Here, we can see the German leader forcefully signing the Versailles Treaty. This was a cause because they couldn't build up their military and had to pay for the entire war.
  • The Treaty made them lose a ton of territory, as well.
  • Failure of Appeasement
  • You are going to wish you gave me your land! Just wait.
  • You're not getting ANY of our land! Go away!
  • The Germans also failed to get appeasement from other countries. They wanted land but never got any, so they forcefully took the land.
  • Economic Depression
  • Once I am leader, we will never have to live like this again! We will have beautiful homes and roads! We will prosper!
  • The great depression was bad. Hitler said that he would fix it, which got a ton of people to like him. This made global conflict increase.
  • Germany building up its military
  • Failure of League of Nations
  • German invasion of Poland
  • On September 1st, 1939, Germany invaded Poland and this was the first time Blitzkrieg was used. This is marked as the start of World War Two.
  • Germany violated the Versailles treaty by building up its military among other things. I should probably get out of here before I'm seen!
  • The failure of the League of Nations also allowed Germany to violate the Versailles Treaty and Italy to invade Ethiopia. Those happened without any repercussions because the League of Nations had no army to actually do anything about it.
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