Period 5 cartoon project.
Updated: 1/28/2020
Period 5 cartoon project.
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  • The Sepoy Rebellion
  • That is enough!!
  • The Creation of the Indian National Congress.
  • The Massacre at Amritsar
  • The Indians/Sepoys were starting to get extremely frusterated with the British governement. The indians had finally had enough when the British used pig and/or cow fat for the lubricant on guns. This made the Sepoys angry because those two animals were sacred to the Hindu and Muslim religions in which they supported.
  • Gandhi's use of Passive Resistance
  • The Indian National Congress was created so that the Indians concerns would be heard.
  • The Salt March
  • Salt taxes are too high!!
  • The massacre at Amritsar was extremely violent. Many people were injured, and many others had died. Unarmed Indians were shot by the British. Many of which were women and children.
  • India Gains Independence from Great Britain
  • We're free!!
  • I know!! :D
  • Gandhi and his followers used a method called "passive resistance" to get their point across without using violence during their boycott. If violence was struck upon them by somebody else, they would simply take it and keep going without fighting back.
  • Go away!!!!!
  • Gandhi lead a 24-day march called the "Salt March" that lasted from March 12, 1930 to April 6, 1930. He and his followers lead this march to lower and/or stop high taxes on salts. He even boycotted goods sold by the British.
  • In 1947, the Indians had finally gained independence from the British.
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