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Updated: 11/7/2018
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  • On the island of Aeolus, the wind king gives Odysseus bags of wind to blow him home. But his greedy shipmates open the wrong bag and blow them in the wrong direction. 
  • Giant canibals throw boulders at Odysseus' ships. Then Circe the witch temporarily turns his men into pigs, and they can't travel again for a year. Circe let's them go after making Odysseus promise to visit the land of the dead.
  • Odysseus travels into the land of the dead to meet with dead prophet, Tiresias. He tells Odysseus to stay away from Helios' cattle and gives him info about his future.
  • Odysseus encounters sirens, and survives by strapping himself to a mast. He also survives Scylla (monster with 6 serpent heads and 12 legs) and Charybdis (a whirlpool).
  • Odysseus' crew forces them to land on Helios' island. Then eat Helios' cattle anger him, and so Zeus sinks their ship. Odysseus is the only survivor. He makes it to Calypso's island and is trapped there for 7 years. 
  • King Alcinous sends Odysseus on his way home to Ithaca. When he awakens Athena tell him to visit Eumaeus for a night. In book 16 he reveals his identity to Telemachus (his son). They return home and lock the weapon's and armor from his suitors who plot to kill him.
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