Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • Peaks father has asked if he can take him in to live with him and they have already worked it out with the family
  • Peak you have trespassed, vandalized etc. What do you plead
  • Peak attempts to climb the Woolworth building but is stopped and sent to juvey
  • peak is now in trial to see what happens to him. His father is wanting to take him they are seeing if Peaks father can. Peak is sent to live with his father.
  • in this scene Peak is told that is not going to his fathers house right away because he is going to climb Everest but his mother doesn't know that he is going to climb Everest
  • captain Shek is looking for Sunjo at the porter camps and it is to dangerous for Sunjo to be on mountain and climbers on josh woods expedition realize they are basically paying for peak to climb so peak has to leave expedition or so he thought.
  • in this scene Peak is not taken off of the mountain he is just going to a different part of the mountain because captain shek was to dangerous for them.
  • Peak let sunjo reach the summit cause it was the day before sunjos b-day and Peak realized he didn't want to reach the summit so he let sunjo reach the summit