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Unknown Story
Updated: 10/15/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The Plantations
  • We have no choice its this or get beat
  • I hate being force to picking cotton
  • The Middle Passage
  • Colony
  • you both can settle here but don't foret the goverment controls this lane
  • We want this land
  • We were here frist
  • After being bought one thing they would do was work on plantatations picking cotton harvesing tabacco, sugar cane, wheat, and much more cops and vegastables. they would live on the plantations were they worked everyday. and were usally beat if they refused to work.
  • Reasons for Columbian Exchange
  • Reasons for Clumbian Exchange
  • The Middle Passage was the second leg of the Columbian exchange where they would travel from Africa to the Americas and 10-20% of slave die of diseases or commit suicide. After they made this journey the slaves would be bought at auction,
  • Culmbian Exchange
  • America's to Europe, Africa, and Asia
  • The territory or land that is settled by people from other countries but, is still controlled by the government of the original people of that country. Europes Nations competed against each other to build their colonial Empires in the America's
  • African's being kidnapped for their homes
  • You'll be perfect fo the slave traders
  • Religous:some groups wanted religous freedom
  • This was the main reasons for the Columbian each of them only benefits the white people for the Africans were just the slaves and the help. The main reasons were Religious, White man's burden, Economic, Politcal
  • White Man's Burden: The Beleif thhat Europeans had a duty to civilze African people
  • Economic: To make money profits
  • Politcal: European powers compeated to build colonies
  • The Columbian Exchange was the Global exchange of goods, people (slaves), technology, diseases, and ideas to and from Europe, America, and Africa. This also included products from Aisa as well. The Columbian Exchange was also known as the triangle trade.
  • Europe, Africa, and Asia to the America's
  • Africans were usually stolen from their own village. All genders were taken even kids especially women. SOmetimes white man took them but sometimes even other Africans would turn others over to the slave traders and usually get paid for it.
  • OK
  • Come with me you'll be safe
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