Romeo & Juliet (Act 3 Key Points - OTUS Lesson)
Updated: 2/22/2021
Romeo & Juliet (Act 3 Key Points - OTUS Lesson)

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Key points in act 3 for Romeo & Juliet Turn this in on OTUS under lessons for Mrs. Tanberg's class.

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  • By: Kayleeann Denny
  • Romeo & Juliet Act 3
  • Big Battle between Mercutio, Tybalt, & Romeo. Tybalt kills Mercutio, Romeo kills Tybalt for killing Mercutio. At first Romeo was trying to keep the peace.
  • "O, I am a fortune's fool" (Line 132)
  • The Prince, Capulet's & Montague's go to see what was happening. Benvolio tries to tell the Prince that at first Romeo tried to keep the peace. Lady Capulet said that Benvolio is lying. She wants Romeo dead. The Prince decides to exile Romeo but if he is to be seen in Verona he will be killed.
  • Romeo must not live (Line 143)
  • Romeo slew him; he slew Mercutio.Who now the price of his dear blood doth owe? (Line 145)
  • The Nurse tells Juliet what happened. Juliet is afraid that Romeo is already dead and threatens to take her own life. The Nurse is cursing Romeo’s name under her breath. Juliet said that Romeo’s exile is worse than Tybalt’s death. The Nurse says that she knows where Romeo is hiding and agreed to deliver a message to him. Juliet sent her with a ring to show her token of love.
  • "O God, did Romeo's hand shed Tybalt's blood?" (Line 77)
  • "Tybalt is gone & Romeo banished. Romeo that killed him - he is banished." (Line 75 )
  • Romeo is hiding out in the Friar’s cell. The Friar told Romeo what his punishment is & that he is lucky that he only being banished from Verona never to return. Romeo doesn’t see it that way he sees it worse since he won’t have Juliet in his life. The Nurse arrives. Romeo assumes that Juliet thinks of him as a murderer and threatens to stab himself. The Friar said that was unmanly& that he should just be grateful that he & Juliet are still alive. The Friar came up with a plan. The Nurse gives Romeo the ring. That makes Romeo very happy & relieved that Juliet still loves him. Romeo prepares to go to Juliet's.
  • "Here, sir, a ring she bid me give you, sir.(gives R, J's ring)Hie you, make haste, for it grows very late." (Line 165)
  • "How well my comfort is revived by this!" (Line 166)
  • The Capulets & Paris talk. Capulet says that due to the unfortunate accident he has yet to ask Juliet how she feels about Paris. Lady C says that they will know her feelings by tomorrow. As Paris is leaving, Capulet says that his daughter will agree with him. Capulet states that their wedding will be on Thursday. Meanwhile, R prepares to escape out of J’s window. J claims that it isn’t morning and the birds that they are hearing are night birds and the lightness outside is a meteor. Overcome by love, R declares that he’s staying & that he doesn’t care what the Prince & his men do to him. With that said J says that it really is morning and that R has no other choice but to leave. The Nurse comes in & warns J that her mother is coming up. R goes out the window he promises that they will see each other again.
  • Lady C: "Tonight she is mewed up to her heaviness. I will, and know her mind early tomorrow."(Line 10)
  • Paris: "These times of woe afford no time to woo. Madam, good night. Commend me to your daughter." (Line 7)