Updated: 2/1/2019

Storyboard Text

  • When the Buddha was born he was already walking and talking.
  • Your baby will either be a king, or a savior of humanity.
  • The son begged to be out of the palace. The king soon agreed and prepared a peaceful parade and to not show him the suffering.
  • But, when the son was looking around, he noticed all of the suffering and death of the people.
  • I have no more space, but if I could I would've added more of this storyboard. But, for now, here is the rest of the story, summarized: When the son saw all of the suffering, he felt bad and left his wife for many years to see how much the people where suffering. He then realized he couldn't be happy by trying to give them stuff, so he mediated by a tree, and soon he resolved himself. He became king once again and he died peacefully by the same tree. This is how Buddhism came to be.