The effects of European Colonization on Indigenous People

Updated: 9/14/2021
The effects of European Colonization on Indigenous People

Storyboard Text

  • Differences between European Colonists and Native Americans in how they viewed land.
  • This land is for everyone to use.
  • This is my land! I own it!
  • The Jamestown Colony
  • This is Jamestown, one of the first colonies that was established in America.
  • The Trail of Tears
  • We should not have leave our home.
  • I am from the military and have been tasked with making sure that you leave.
  • The Effects of European Colonists on the Native Americans.
  • They are also putting us on land that is not fertile and is not good for growing crops.
  • The White men brought disease, forced out of our land, hunt more than they need and wiping us out.
  • The Middle Passage
  • We were forced on to this boat and are barely living in these conditions.
  • I am transporting slaves from west Africa to the Caribbean and North America.
  • African slaves living and working on plantations.
  • We wish that we could get out of here and be free, but they are keeping us like prisoners.
  • Keep working or it 's the cat of nine tails for you.