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The Odyssey Flipbook
Updated: 11/9/2018
The Odyssey Flipbook
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  • Approach: On the island of Aeolus, the wind King gives Odysseus bags of wind to blow him home. But his shipmates open the wrong bag and blow them in the wrong direction. 
  • Ithaca 
  • Mwahahaha!
  • Ordeal: Giant cannibals throw boulders at Odysseus ships. Then, Circe, temporarily turns men into pigs, and they cant travel again for a year. Circe lets them go after making Odysseus promise to visit the land of the dead.
  • Ordeal (Death): Odysseus travels into the land of the dead to meet with a dead prophet, Tiresias. He tells Odysseus to stay away from Helios cattle & gives him info about his future.
  • *Sing Sing Sing!!!
  • Ordeal: Odysseus encounters sirens, and survives by strapping himself to a mast. He also survives Scylla, and Charybdis (a whirlpool).
  • Ordeal: Odysseus crew forces them to land on Helios island. They eat Helios cattle, anger him, & Zeus sinks the ship. Odysseus is the only one to survive, he makes it to Calypsos island and is stuck there for 7 years.
  • Calypsos Island
  • My son i love you and missed you!
  • Reward: Odysseus goes home, Athena descises him as a beggar, after his reunion with his son. Odysseus stays with a pig farmer for a night. And he has a plan for the over 100 men that are going to be going for Penelope.
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