Updated: 4/21/2020
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  • Hitler Spreading Anti-Semitism
  • Jews are bad and they deserve to die!
  • Yes! Jews bad!
  • Moving Jews to the ghettos
  • This Place sucks!
  • I want mom!
  • Liquidation of the Ghettos
  • Where are we going???...
  • Inside the train car now!
  • When Hitler became the supreme leader of Nazi Germany, He spread his ideas through speeches and propaganda posters. Hitler was a know good speaker and made people believe prejudices about Jews.
  • Death By Gas Chambers
  • As the First step to "The Final solution" Nazis moved Jews to Ghettos, an almost unhabitable part of the town that was known to be dirty and gross. This was hoped to kill them off.
  • Hidden People
  • I want my Family back!
  • When the ghettos were seen as "too slow", the Nazis liquidated the ghettos and placed the jews on trains with no light or food on the way to concentration camps where they were soon to be killed.
  • Liberating The Concentration Camps
  • Many Jews upon arrival to the camps were told they were going to be sent to shower to get rid of lice. That was a lie. Instead of water coming out of the spouts, deadly gases filled up the room and killed those who were in them.
  • Many children and families were hidden by non-Jewish families. Those families knew that if they were caught, they would be treated like a Jew. Thes kids sometimes were caught, but sometimes they weren't.
  • After WW2 ended and Germany lost, Allied forces moved into Gemany and freed th Jewish and other people in the camps. Some solider said it was the the worst site they have ever seen, with piles of bodies stacked in wood-like formations.
  • Were free finally!
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