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Team Erosion to the Rescue!
Updated: 10/16/2020
Team Erosion to the Rescue!
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  • There was Ice, who could carve massive valleys with just their sheer will. They could also freeze in cracks to break apart rock, and combine with gravity to deposit rocks on top of eachother. Ice picks up rock and takes it miles and miles effortlessly. Ice is the hardest worker on the team.
  • Once there where the 4 elements of erosion. Water, Wind, Ice, and Gravity. But all of a sudden The Things Evil Twin came out of nowhere and started causing trouble in the mountains. Team Erosion knew they had to do something, so they started fighting back.
  • There was water, who could force rivers to erode canyons, and oceans to smash against cliffs, carving massive hollowings, with only their sheer will. They can also combine with Ice to force water into cracks, freeze it so it expands, and watch the rock just fall away. Water is the strongest of the team.
  • There was wind, who could blow sand, slowly breaking apart mountains, and blows rock/soil away effortlessly. They can also combine with gravity and water to create acid rain, which breaks down all the rock, causing tons of erosion. Wind is the weakest of the team
  • Then there was Gravity who could smash anyone, or anything with only the lift of a finger. Gravity could pull and smash rocks, working with Wind to blow and pull down rocks over cliffs, and to wear them down to a point where they just fall on there own. Gravity is the boldest on the team
  • After a lot of tough work, and millions of years, it all payed off. The Thing's Evil Twin was finally defeated. Team erosion can now live in peace in the mountains, forever eroding away rock.
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