American Governemt
Updated: 1/17/2020
American Governemt
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  • What is a dictatorship ?
  • Hey Timmy. Can you explain to me what is a Monarchy ?
  • A Monarchy government is a government when a queen or king is usually in charge from a royal family and is in the house till death.
  • Timmy what is a Constitutional Monarchy ?
  • A Constitutional Monarchy is when there are limits to the rightful power of a government over it's citizens .
  • A dictatorship is...
  • A small group or single dictator holds all power and use violence and force to maintain rule.
  • What in the world is a Oligarchy ?
  • A oligarchy is when more than one makes decisions for their own benefit.
  • Jason what is a Theocracy government?
  • A theocracy is when a ruler represents by a set of religious ideas and the government power is unlimited.
  • Did you know that a Direct Democracy is when the citizens has control of the laws but they have to agree on it.
  • Yes ma'm and a Representative Democracy is when citizens elect representatives to make government decisions.
  • Hey Johnny, what is a Monarchy ?
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