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Updated: 10/15/2021
Unknown Story

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  • back in 1899 there was a street mafia named the saints mafia and there name on the streets was the Santos. there was this friend 🤠 group of 3 called the power 3 a nd thats because they all had a power you have Gi-Hun his power thermal vision and lightning body . King their leader of the santos his power was telekinesis. and luthor the m
  • man whats your problem you always mad were in jail
  • im in this bad place cause i got framed back in new york
  • boss is gonna kill me if he finds out that i set him up i get out tommorow he gets out in 3 weeks
  • well luthor u know i think i just seen King in cell 326 and he looked pretty scared
  • GI hun i think ive found a way out of here tho its nere the cell 326 i thinks its 327
  • i think im going to kill this guy you are the entire reason were in this mess i never wanted to be here nobody knows that im immortal
  • Boss come on we will have to get out of here