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I and S- Rome News Report
Updated: 6/15/2019
I and S- Rome News Report
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  • Hello, I am Terrowin. I am new to Rome.
  • Oh yes, Rome is a beautiful place!
  • Greetings, my name is Tybalt. Are you enjoying Rome so far?
  • I am glad you are enjoying your time here, as a Roman, I feel it is my duty to make sure visitors have a pleasant time.
  • Well, we pride ourselves on our advanced plumbing systems.
  • Who wouldn’t have a pleasant time among all these exquisite inventions? When I was on my way to arriving here, I kept hearing people say that the Romans were so very creative with their innovations. All I wondered was, How did the Romans show their ingenuity through their innovations?
  • Oh, yes, I noticed a beautifully, crafted aqueduct on my way.
  • Aqueducts are mostly built to transport water from place to place.
  • It's a complex procedure.
  • Let's explore the city as we talk.
  • I am listening.
  • Ok
  • How are they built?
  • In simple words, to make aqueduct holes are dug 230 feet apart to take out dirt and send building materials with cranes. Wooden scaffolding is built to support the workmen and the arches they are building. The bridges have two or even three tiers of arches which are built narrow to acquire the maximum possible amount of strength. Pillars (usually of size 10 by 10 feet) are built to hold the tiers’ weight. They were longer at the base. The specus or water channel lied on top of these arches and were sometimes covered with a vault/ roof
  • Oh, just books and scrolls.
  • That sounds like a very logical procedure. How are you so knowledgable?
  • Another thing I noticed in Rome is it's exceptionally straight roads. Is there a certain reason for this?
  • You are very observant. Yes, there is a reason for the Roman roads being so straight. It ensured quick travel and no robbers or bandits hiding in the bends, shows of a bit of our ingenuity should say.
  • It's getting late. Do you have a place to stay, Terrowin? Or else, you would always be welcome in our house.
  • Sure! How about the bridge where we first met?
  • Oh yes, I am going to stay in my trailer. Thank you for the offer though. Could we meet up someplace tomorrow?
  • Ok.
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