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Updated: 10/28/2020
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  • o+____
  • I Need Help
  • 12+8 gx 46=____
  • This is Ava.She is in the 8th grade and she is struggling with every all of her class subjects
  • I don't understand any of these classes I'm so dumb
  • x-4b=_____
  • TikTok
  • Okay
  • Its time to go to soccer lets go!!!
  • Ava has been struggling with time management and forgot to do her homework and will not have time to do it when she returns from practice..When She goes into school tomorrow the assignment will be late and her grade will be lowerd.
  • Ava I'm very disappointed in you everyone on the team has juggles over 50 juggles and you don't.I feel that you are falling behind and you are not trying hard enough. If you can't complete 50 juggles in the next 2 weeks I'm kicking off the A team and putting you on the B team.
  • I'm sorry I'm trying
  • Stressor 1
  • Ava just found out that she is having a math test.As soon as she herd this she felt sick to her stomach and had to get sent home from school.She is feeling this way because she is stressed about not understanding math.
  • Stressor 2
  • Hi,This is Ava's mom I was wondering If you could come over today and try to help her understand her math homework because she has a big test coming up.
  • Stressor 3
  • I understand now thank you
  • Symtom of stress 1
  • Lowering stress 1
  • In this picture here Ava is getting tutored so she can understand the math so she does not fail the math test.
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